Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chocolate works!

 Christmas is near.  I love Christmas!  However, it always gets too hectic, too fast.  This year I was all caught up in preparations for the Quilting Friends party in November, then Thanksgiving, then the annual Busch Gardens Florida trip.  I got so concerned about time and money, that I thought about not going to Florida.  David would have none of that, and had already purchased my ticket.

 The Quilting Friends Show and Tell Party was great!  Everyone had a fabulous time.  Lani had worked so hard for a long time.  I had actually remembered to bring my camera for once.  However, I forgot to take it out and use it.

Thanksgiving was a delight!  I managed to find all the recipes, even a great, new one for pecan pie (I am always experimenting with pecan pie!).  Everyone ate well and often.

There was a lot of playing in the leaves. 

Emma, Dan, Elena and Kevin were here, as well as Bethany, so we had lots of help.  Elena was great at making dinner rolls!  It was a good, long weekend.  Christmas Town at Busch Gardens was a delight!  I spent the second and third hours at church in the nursery with Elena and Kevin.  Elena likes our ward's nursery and Kevin had a great, first time.

Then we went to Florida.  Southwest Air has an airport promotion of free holiday pictures with Santa.  Dad and I took great pictures!  They will be our Christmas cards.  I had a relaxing afternoon in the hotel, while David did rehearsals at Busch Gardens.  The next day, Friday, David went to the park early; he had 5 shows.  I took the hotel shuttle and thoroughly enjoyed the day - and David's show.  We had a great evening roaming the park and having dinner.

The next day we drove our funky little rental car, a green Kia Soul, to Orlando and Universal Studios theme park.  The first thing we headed for was the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" and it was FABULOUS!  We went on the ride first.  It puts other simulation rides to shame.  Thank goodness for Dramamine!  The whole park was great, but we were especially impressed with Hogwarts castle and the village of Hogsmeade.  Butterbeer was delicious!  And it was easy to find our car in the parking garage.

Sunday we got home in time to go to a later Sacrament Meeting, late to choir practice, then the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, before our phone calls from the kiddos.

Monday, the Disons came back to visit!  Dan had an interview at EVMS/CHKD on Tuesday and we got to enjoy the family for the week.  The grandchildren were each sick at different times during the visit, but we had a lot of fun.   I started to get concerned about having time to get everything done before Christmas, with good reason:  when Emma, Dan and the children left Friday, I was starting to get sick.

We went to see the new Harry Potter movie that afternoon and I made my treats (a delicious new recipe) for the annual cookie exchange on Saturday morning.  By the time I made my appearance there, I knew I was sick.  I spent the rest of the day moaning, coughing and napping on the couch.  Sunday and Monday were much the same.  I actually showered and dressed Monday afternoon.  It snowed most of the day.  My concern for finding time to get everything done for the holidays is turning into despair.  Or maybe I'm just sick.

Tuesday, Dec. 14th, I was feeling about 75 - 80%.  I got all dressed and even put on makeup.  I got some things done in the house.  The RS Christmas social, a dinner and service auction, was in the evening at 6:30, and Cub Scout Roundtable was at 7pm.  David had already delivered one on my items for the auction, a white baby afghan, but I hoped to get there late.

When Roundtable ended, I skipped the refreshment table which had a bowl of m&ms, and rushed out only to wait forever at the parking lot light.  Then I had to wait at the left turn signal behind an ambulance to get on the expressway.  The ambulance was in no hurry.  I finally got to the church at 8:17pm and rushed in.  A sister was coming out of the MPR as I entered the building and said to me "You're late!  It's all over!"   She said the auction was completed and everything was gone.  Lots of food left, though.  I started to cry.  She hugged me.  I turned around and went back out the door.  I sat in the parking lot for a little while crying and then drove home.  I really wanted to be part of the RS evening.  I had been excited to see how the Service Auction went and to be supportive.  As a RSP I had always been concerned when previous RS leaders didn't come to events.  I love Relief Society and desperately wanted to still belong.

When I got in the door of the house, I went frantically looking for the reserved Christmas candy and grabbed a bag of m&ms.  By the time I ate half the bag I didn't feel like crying anymore.

Hence the title of this entry.

I'll add more pictures soon.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Summer fun!

In the Enchanted Forest at the Norfolk Botanical Garden we saw the houses of the Three Little Pigs...
...the house of the Old Woman who lived in the shoe...
... and Tom Sawyer's raft.
Elena loved this tire swing horse at Old MacDonald's farm!

We went to the garden with my friend, Lani, and Elena's friend, Lynnea.  I couldn't take pictures of Kevin playing because I didn't have a free hand when he was out of the stroller; he was still a new walker!  The garden has great water elements too.  Kevin had a ball!  Again, I couldn't take the camera into the splash zone.
Three mermaids!
After a week Kevin was ready to pack the car and get back to his mom and dad!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A BIG Birthday!

David's birthday just happened to fall on a day when he had to teach from 8:30am to 10pm. We couldn't let a major event like a 60th birthday to go unmarked, so we brought a surprise birthday party to him and his 6pm class! It was the week that Emma was a Girls' Camp and Elena and Kevin were staying in Virginia Beach. They were big hits at the party. Bethany helped so much with the kiddos and helping us to get to the school with all the birthday paraphernalia.
Even his students wanted pictures of the big event!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I had a birthday, too!

Elena and Emma made chocolate cupcakes for my birthday!
 And a couple of days before, I had a visit from an old friend that I share my birthday with: Suzanne Saatkamp!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer fun

It was great having Elena and Kevin here for a week! They experienced their first ever visit to Chuck E. Cheese!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Long time, no post!

Wow, it really has been a long time since I have posted anything here. Life is busy as usual and we try to stay out of trouble.

I could spend a few hours updating, but I want to get to bed. So I will focus on the most important things from this week:

TWO wonderful babies turned ONE!

...going for the candle

Kevin on June 28

Such a girl, even her eyebrow is pink!

Ariana on June 30

And they both really like cake!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines' Day

I don't know if I will have time to post this weekend. So here is a picture of our Valentines' Day dessert: Raspberry Lime cheesecake. It took a couple of hours to make, but it was worth it. It was fabulous!!